Dear Kevin McCarthy:

The solution to your debt limit hysteria is quite simple: TAX THE RICH.

The fact that you and your followers are ignoring that and screaming about Social Security is indicative of who you represent. You are willing to put millions of people very lives at risk, whose ONLY source of income is their SS benefits, which they have worked their WHOLE LIFE for, to appease your big donors, the rich. you do as they tell you. And they DGAF about the poors. The infirm. The needy. Who Jesus (remember him?) said “give unto the poor”.

How evil can you and your big donors be? How much money do Bezos, Musk, Zuck, etc have? Why not tax THEM to solve the debt crisis? Why not Kevin? Why ask the people to pay? The poor? The middle class? This is the easiest thing and you could be a hero.

Instead, you suck up to your big donors. You fuck the poors.

You’ve sold your soul. But know that we WILL save our Democracy, we WILL make the rich pay their fair share, we WILL defeat fascism.

I highly recommend you repent and do the RIGHT THING. You’re Christian. You know about repentance.


  1. Acknowledge/confess your sin.
  2. Agree ro make amends.
  3. Promise to NEVER do it again.
  4. Ask forgiveness.


Be a star. And tell the witch to go to hell.


Saint Eddie

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