Ok. for those who don’t know, the “IRA” is the “Internet Research Agency” based in St. Petersburg, Russia, not far from Moscow. It is the main propaganda division the of the Kremlin. They strictly adhere to the Joseph Goebbels mindfuck (he was Hiter’s Master of Propaganda) to: ACCUSE THE OTHER SIDE OF THAT WHICH YOU ARE GUILTY.

They do this 24/7/365 all over Social Media including many other avenues as well. Any place they can sow discord, division, hate. This is what the IRA does. They fuel this via all SM platforms, as well as MSM such as Fox News, OAN, etc. This is how they are trying to destroy democracies worldwide. We, the USA, are THE #1 target. Always have been. Always will be. Because we ARE the BEST democracy in the world. Hands down.

We defend the defenseless, we fight for freedom. we fight terrorists, we defend democracy around the world to ensure that EVERYONE has a vote. And that is why the terrorists hate us. It’s why dictators hate us. It’s why Britain attacked us. Because dictators/oligarchs. Which is why we will forever be under attack.

They will tell you that we invade. They will tell you America is the “Great Satan”. That Democrats are evil. Pedophiles. All sorts of insane bullshit. All driven by the IRA. ANYTHING divisive is used. Sports, Entertainment, Movies, Stars, schools, learning, science, food etc etc. As long as it created division. And they play BOTH SIDES against each other.

SOP. Anything is in play.

And the plan includes denying WHY. “We don’t know why” is common, when the reason is in plain sight. Because they do NOT, EVER, want you to wake up to that. Hence the insidious and insane “Woke is Bad” propaganda. God forbid they get called out for their insanity and servitude to putin.

So HI IRA. Learn this: you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

We see you. You cannot win. You are LOSING and will continue to LOSE.

We are EXCELLENT at defending Democracy. Worldwide. Too bad so sad that pisses you off.

Get a grip.


Saint Eddie

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