The United States of America is the best Democracy in the world.

We allow free speech. We even allow terrorists to be elected via fraud. We even allow radical russian assets in the highest ranks of our government.

None of this happens in Dictatorships. None. Speak out against putin, meet a double tap 5th floor window fall full of Novickok. How many has putin killed? To this day, even when committing blatant GENOCIDE, no Russian will confront him. No one knows how many people he has had murdered. Conservatively, in the millions. Definitely exceeding Hitler.

Yet the Russian propaganda machine (see: The Internet Research Agency (IRA), based in St. Petersburg, Russia, the main propaganda division of the Kremlin) screams that we are them. Classic Joseph Goebbels: Accuse the Other Side of That Which You Are Guilty. Their main US distribution is via Social Media and Main Stream Media, such as Fox News. They brainwash millions. Particularly those that are most vulnerable, such as religious fanatics.

There’s a reason we have been targeted since day one. Since finally getting free from dictators in England, as we have promoted democracy since day one, we have been under attack by those who do NOT want democracy, do NOT want the people heard, that want to rule as dictators with impunity.

We ARE the greatest democracy in the world. We would not be under constant attack if we weren’t. There’s a reason we have more guns in this country than any other. There’s a reason RW politicians defend the NRA and AR-15s. The Kremlin uses this to create fear and misery to destroy our Democracy. To say how bad this country is. Meanwhile making it worse by the day.

There’s a reason for anti-vax. There’s a reason Dr. Fauci AND his family have been under constant attack including death threats driven by the anti-Christ. There’s a reason for all of the hate speech. It comes from putin. In an extraordinary attempt to destroy democracy WORLDWIDE.

Ukraine is just the tip of the iceberg. He cannot let it go, nor his lifelong goal to destroy democracy worldwide and install dictators everywhere.

We, along with NATO, are a constant target of attack. However, we remain the best Democracy in the world and we will continue to defend it against ALL enemies, both foreign AND domestic.

Should you wish for further affirmation, see what all of the artists have to say. It’s a long list. 99% support and love our country; our Democracy.


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