Lies are Abusive. Lies are Harassment.

I’ve been banned from twitter 3x. The first was when I asked (rhetorically) if we could call Jim Jordan names again if elon took over twitter. They said I was “encouraging harassment”.

I have been busting trolls and lies since 2015 when it became clear the Orange Menace was a clear and present danger. Call it inspiration to call out lies and tell the truth.

2nd ban was for ban evasion. ok. Long story, but not worth explanation. Suffice to say it was a set-up.

3rd was when I told a particularly vicious troll to go “fuck your mother” aka motherfucker. They said it was “abusive” and “harassment”.

LIES are abusive. LIES are harassment.

Are the trolls being banned?

twitter now is NOT about free speech. It’s ALL about CONTROLLING speech. elon is doing putin’s bidding.

I am NOT dissuaded, scared or fearful. I am motivated now as much as ever to speak truth and call out lies.

To the trolls/russian assets:

  1. we know who you are.
  2. you are NOT fooling anyone.
  3. your lies are exposed.
  4. you CANNOT cover it up. we have ALL the EVIDENCE.
  5. we know who you report to.
  6. your efforts to destroy democracy will NOT succeed.

You have a choice. Defend Democracy or continue to do putin’s bidding.

Choose wisely.


Saint Eddie

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