The Russian trolls, mostly from the IRA (the Internet Research Agency, based in St. Petersburg, Russia. It’s the main propaganda division of the Kremlin) scream that guns are definitely NOT the problem, and go to great lengths to defend guns. Especially the AR-15 (side note: yesterday, 2/2/22, some GOP reps wore AR-15 pins. Not joking. Wish I was. This is an example of Russian propaganda/gaslighting).

    They will tell you the term “assault weapon” is an “invented” term. Or that it is meaningless. And they will insult you for thinking otherwise. This is GASLIGHTING. They DEFINITELY don’t want you to know what that is:

    Manipulate (someone) using psychological methods into questioning their own sanity or powers of reasoning.

    This is done CONSTANTLY, everywhere. ALL Social Media platforms, many MSM outlets, print, radio, etc. CNN’s Don Lemon shut down a Georgia State Senator for crying and saying over and over that “GUNS ARE THE PROBLEM” after a recent mass murder in her state. He didn’t want her to say that, instead, told her “we appreciate your emotions but let’s talk about what is happening there right now”. 3 times. THAT is gaslighting. Incidentally, “Gaslighting” is Webster’s 2022 Word of the Year based on total internet searches for the definition.

    They will scream at you: SECOND AMENDMENT until their eyes bleed. They will insult you, scorn you, send clown and laughing face emojis. This is all gaslighting.

    There is absolutely NO debate that GUNS ARE THE PROBLEM. There’s a reason there are no mass murders in Japan. More guns equals more gun violence. Strict gun laws save lives. They will tell you they don’t, pointing out that there are strict guns laws in the US. So, GUNS ARE THE PROBLEM then. Obviously we need much more strict FEDERAL gun laws. But the NRA will, has, and always will fight against that. And they spend a ton of money buying votes.

    Don’t be fooled. Most people in America want an assault weapon ban. It works. They will scream bloody murder it doesn’t. There’s a reason the GQP MAGA nutjobs pose with assault weapons with their KIDS. ISIS does that. the Taliban does that. Terrorists do that. MAGA says they they are “ALL DOMESTIC TERRORISTS”. See CPAC Orlando 22 banner.

    It’s fear and hate mongering to:

    Manipulate (someone) using psychological methods into questioning their own sanity or powers of reasoning.




    Saint Eddie

  • Dear Kevin McCarthy:

    The solution to your debt limit hysteria is quite simple: TAX THE RICH.

    The fact that you and your followers are ignoring that and screaming about Social Security is indicative of who you represent. You are willing to put millions of people very lives at risk, whose ONLY source of income is their SS benefits, which they have worked their WHOLE LIFE for, to appease your big donors, the rich. you do as they tell you. And they DGAF about the poors. The infirm. The needy. Who Jesus (remember him?) said “give unto the poor”.

    How evil can you and your big donors be? How much money do Bezos, Musk, Zuck, etc have? Why not tax THEM to solve the debt crisis? Why not Kevin? Why ask the people to pay? The poor? The middle class? This is the easiest thing and you could be a hero.

    Instead, you suck up to your big donors. You fuck the poors.

    You’ve sold your soul. But know that we WILL save our Democracy, we WILL make the rich pay their fair share, we WILL defeat fascism.

    I highly recommend you repent and do the RIGHT THING. You’re Christian. You know about repentance.


    1. Acknowledge/confess your sin.
    2. Agree ro make amends.
    3. Promise to NEVER do it again.
    4. Ask forgiveness.


    Be a star. And tell the witch to go to hell.


    Saint Eddie

  • List of russian propaganda

    These are ALL devised to create fear, division and HATRED. The IRA (Internet Research Agency, based in St. Petersburg, russia. Not far from Moscow. It’s the main propaganda division of the kremlin.)

    !. Bigotry. hands down #1.

    2. Goebbels: Accuse the Other Side of that which You are Guilty. they do this ALL THE TIME.

    3. disinfo. to the extent they do not give af who they kill. see: Covid disinfo. donnie and his ilk have the blood of MILLIONS on their hands. If only they had told the truth.

    4. Fox “News”. the main propaganda division in the US. Along with the others. They are the main conduit for russian propaganda in the US.

    5. Hatred. Spread EVERYWHERE. Mostly now via Social Media.

    6. MSM. Silence is complicity. Looking at you CNN.

    7. Chaos.

    8. Bashing our government. THE BEST Democracy in the world.

    9. Defending putin

    10. Praising dictators.

    11. Demonizing good people.

    This is their final stand.

    “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

    ― George Orwell, 1984


    Saint Eddie

  • HI IRA!

    Ok. for those who don’t know, the “IRA” is the “Internet Research Agency” based in St. Petersburg, Russia, not far from Moscow. It is the main propaganda division the of the Kremlin. They strictly adhere to the Joseph Goebbels mindfuck (he was Hiter’s Master of Propaganda) to: ACCUSE THE OTHER SIDE OF THAT WHICH YOU ARE GUILTY.

    They do this 24/7/365 all over Social Media including many other avenues as well. Any place they can sow discord, division, hate. This is what the IRA does. They fuel this via all SM platforms, as well as MSM such as Fox News, OAN, etc. This is how they are trying to destroy democracies worldwide. We, the USA, are THE #1 target. Always have been. Always will be. Because we ARE the BEST democracy in the world. Hands down.

    We defend the defenseless, we fight for freedom. we fight terrorists, we defend democracy around the world to ensure that EVERYONE has a vote. And that is why the terrorists hate us. It’s why dictators hate us. It’s why Britain attacked us. Because dictators/oligarchs. Which is why we will forever be under attack.

    They will tell you that we invade. They will tell you America is the “Great Satan”. That Democrats are evil. Pedophiles. All sorts of insane bullshit. All driven by the IRA. ANYTHING divisive is used. Sports, Entertainment, Movies, Stars, schools, learning, science, food etc etc. As long as it created division. And they play BOTH SIDES against each other.

    SOP. Anything is in play.

    And the plan includes denying WHY. “We don’t know why” is common, when the reason is in plain sight. Because they do NOT, EVER, want you to wake up to that. Hence the insidious and insane “Woke is Bad” propaganda. God forbid they get called out for their insanity and servitude to putin.

    So HI IRA. Learn this: you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

    We see you. You cannot win. You are LOSING and will continue to LOSE.

    We are EXCELLENT at defending Democracy. Worldwide. Too bad so sad that pisses you off.

    Get a grip.


    Saint Eddie

  • The United States of America is the best Democracy in the world.

    We allow free speech. We even allow terrorists to be elected via fraud. We even allow radical russian assets in the highest ranks of our government.

    None of this happens in Dictatorships. None. Speak out against putin, meet a double tap 5th floor window fall full of Novickok. How many has putin killed? To this day, even when committing blatant GENOCIDE, no Russian will confront him. No one knows how many people he has had murdered. Conservatively, in the millions. Definitely exceeding Hitler.

    Yet the Russian propaganda machine (see: The Internet Research Agency (IRA), based in St. Petersburg, Russia, the main propaganda division of the Kremlin) screams that we are them. Classic Joseph Goebbels: Accuse the Other Side of That Which You Are Guilty. Their main US distribution is via Social Media and Main Stream Media, such as Fox News. They brainwash millions. Particularly those that are most vulnerable, such as religious fanatics.

    There’s a reason we have been targeted since day one. Since finally getting free from dictators in England, as we have promoted democracy since day one, we have been under attack by those who do NOT want democracy, do NOT want the people heard, that want to rule as dictators with impunity.

    We ARE the greatest democracy in the world. We would not be under constant attack if we weren’t. There’s a reason we have more guns in this country than any other. There’s a reason RW politicians defend the NRA and AR-15s. The Kremlin uses this to create fear and misery to destroy our Democracy. To say how bad this country is. Meanwhile making it worse by the day.

    There’s a reason for anti-vax. There’s a reason Dr. Fauci AND his family have been under constant attack including death threats driven by the anti-Christ. There’s a reason for all of the hate speech. It comes from putin. In an extraordinary attempt to destroy democracy WORLDWIDE.

    Ukraine is just the tip of the iceberg. He cannot let it go, nor his lifelong goal to destroy democracy worldwide and install dictators everywhere.

    We, along with NATO, are a constant target of attack. However, we remain the best Democracy in the world and we will continue to defend it against ALL enemies, both foreign AND domestic.

    Should you wish for further affirmation, see what all of the artists have to say. It’s a long list. 99% support and love our country; our Democracy.


  • Lies are Abusive. Lies are Harassment.

    I’ve been banned from twitter 3x. The first was when I asked (rhetorically) if we could call Jim Jordan names again if elon took over twitter. They said I was “encouraging harassment”.

    I have been busting trolls and lies since 2015 when it became clear the Orange Menace was a clear and present danger. Call it inspiration to call out lies and tell the truth.

    2nd ban was for ban evasion. ok. Long story, but not worth explanation. Suffice to say it was a set-up.

    3rd was when I told a particularly vicious troll to go “fuck your mother” aka motherfucker. They said it was “abusive” and “harassment”.

    LIES are abusive. LIES are harassment.

    Are the trolls being banned?

    twitter now is NOT about free speech. It’s ALL about CONTROLLING speech. elon is doing putin’s bidding.

    I am NOT dissuaded, scared or fearful. I am motivated now as much as ever to speak truth and call out lies.

    To the trolls/russian assets:

    1. we know who you are.
    2. you are NOT fooling anyone.
    3. your lies are exposed.
    4. you CANNOT cover it up. we have ALL the EVIDENCE.
    5. we know who you report to.
    6. your efforts to destroy democracy will NOT succeed.

    You have a choice. Defend Democracy or continue to do putin’s bidding.

    Choose wisely.


    Saint Eddie